New Cosplay Album : NikkiMoxxi!

Just added a new cosplayer to my albums. check it out!

Here is a link to the album: Nikkimoxxi Cosplay

Link to Redbubble for Prints:



Gave CosplayHouse A Try

Yeah, I gave them a try and would say I’m not terribly impressed with their craftsmanship.  I like the quality of their sewing but when it comes to the armor pieces… I would give them a dislike.

Some attachment methods used in this cosplay were poorly developed and I will have to revamp them. (luckily I  have enough sewing skills to do this). The armor pieces are sub par compared to what I could have made myself. They look ok, but they don’t meet my standard.

some complaint I have are, They used a different reference image I provided without tell me. Which is ok I guess…. I was planning on creating the armor piece myself anyway. They also lowered the price of the costume a week after I ordered from them….

Would I recommend Honestly no… They are good at sewing and can provide you with a great base for a costume. But if you expect something intricate like armor…… good luck….

So now I have another projected added to my to-do list.

After I finish Zidane’s sword I will start 3d modeling and designing the metal Bender’s armor. Should only take me 2 days since the patterns are simple. Then after that I have the bone set from diablo 3…. Oh geee golly….

Image result for zidane sword

I also plan to stream myself designing things on twitch every Friday morning at

come join me and keep me working.

PandaRiot779 Finished AX 2017

Welp I got home a day before school starts and now need to study for the NCLEX. Here is a link to the Albums:

Anime Expo 2017 Photos

I am trying something new…. I hope it is easy to find your photo

Basically, I tried to sort the photos best I could into chunks and tried my best to make it organised ….. yeah….. organised. . . I also added people’s Instagram tag under links so people can just ctrl+f their name. Hope that makes sense, I really suck at remembering names and faces. Especially when you all change your faces with some other cosplay each day.

Do me a favour and use this link:





Shit you don’t care about


First time at AX. I had fun and it was enjoyable but I am not going to any cons above 30k attendees anymore. I’m not a fan of large crowds and it kinda ticked my anxiety meter. AX was like a really really really bad airport. Although I hate the crowds, it was great watching the pro-photographers do their work.  I got to watch them take photos and learn new things.

I left 2 days early from AX cause I have to go home and study…. But I got to take the train and spent 4 hours sitting next to some 6-to-10-or-something-year-old who helped me sort through the photos.

Sweet kid. …… he did half the work for me.

Next convention I am going to is Sacanime.


PandaRiot779 Visit Wizard World Sacramento

Yo! I postponed studying for my Final next Wednesday to visit Wizard World and snap some photos.

Some dude came up to from behind and asked if I was PandaRiot779…. “Yes, I am but I am busy using the Urinal.”

——————–Note to people who know who I am…. I have a huge bubble when I am in the bathroom…. and it stays pretty big when I recently leave a bathroom…  Some kid hugged me from behind after I left the bathroom and scared the hell out me. . . . I elbowed her in the face… sorry ————————- I didn’t take a photo.

Got to walk past Kate Beckinsale…. All I wanted was a high five from her but a quick shot of MaidofMight in her Selene Cosplay was good enough.

Here’s a Link to all the photos I took.

Link to PandaRiots Wizard World Sacramento 2017 Album:


I used an 85mm lens and it is tough for me to take full body shots since everyone was concentrated on the show floor and I require at least 4-6 feet to take a good shot. I was only limited to portrait shots.

Thank you for visiting. I am starting a Print Store with Cosplayers I work with. Follow my Instagram as I slowly populate my store.

New Cosplay Album on my page. please regard Sinastri

Although I only got to meet her very briefly, I was able to take a few sweet photos of Sinastri Cosplay. She is quite the lovely cosplayer and you if get a chance please take a moment to appreciate her previous work and support her by buying her prints at:


Can see the photos I’ve took of this talented cosplayer here:


Link to Pandariot779’s Photos of Sinastri Cosplay

3D modeled Splatoon Canister and Zaofu Spear from Legend of Korra

Two of my latest models are finished, have fun watching the videos. I lost footage of myself 3d modeling but I still have the footage of the printing process.


They fit well and make sure to prime the plastic thoroughly before painting. I prefer wood glue.


Here’s a link to the models:

Splatoon Canister

Zaofu Spear

Fanime is Over Here’s your phtos

Half way through uploading the photos I ran out of storage on my website and needed an alternative method of returning photos. So I decided to seperate/sort the photos om a way that helps cosplayers find themselves. The photos are divided into groups and numbers so I can easily direct cosplayers to their pictures. Might be a little confusing cause I had to use Google Photos mid way through uploading and I’m too lazy to make things consistent.

Alright click this Link: Fanime 2017

The first few groups are organized under whomever gave me their cards. Then into genres, and finally into cosplays I do not recognise. There are images of every cosplayer in each group and under each set of pictures is a link to the google album. (click your Instagram name)


Please consider following my pages:

Ing: @pandariot779

Youtube: @pandariot779

Twitter: @pandariot779


And shoot me a message if you have ideas for 3d modeling and printing….. and laser cutting.

Thanks, Hope to see you guys at Anime Expo. :3

Booking PhotoShoots for Fanime 2017

Yo whats up! I’ll be at Fanime for a lot longer than I originally planned. Will be roaming the halls for photoshoots after I settle in with some friends and I am booking shoots!

You can book a shoot with online here:


Click on link

click on 1 hour photo sessions

then click on see times

and finally

choose a time I am available.

enter your cosplay Info and contact method

Please give me a few moments to accept and them we are set!

I do not charge money but I do accept donations up to 20 dollars. thanks