Why Printrbot gearhead is better than E3D Titan extruder.

This is a series of youtube videos where I modified my Printrbot simple into a 10x10x10 in printer with a E3d titan extruder and a cloned e3dV6 hot end (but then decided that the gear head and ubis 13s hotend was much better).

Before I made the videos I Already modified the print bed by buying printrbot’s super z axis upgrade, x-axis upgrade, gear head extruder and two 10 inch rods for the Y-arm extension. The upgrade for the Z and X axis is quite simple and you can follow printrbot’s instructions. The Y axis was a whole other story though.

First you have to saw off the very end of the black metal Y-arm plate so the 10 in rods can be fitted. Then you need a longer gt2 belt and wires to go along with the longer arm. All i did was solder together wires I found in an old power supply.

Then I created an adapter to replace the bed with a Printrbot plus’s bed. You can try contacting Printrbot for their beds.

Link to my adapter:


link to super z upgrade and X upgrade:

Simple X Axis Upgrade with Heated Bed


Gear Head Extruder v2

The gear head extruder and the 10x10x10in printrbot simple worked great and you can see some of the examples I printed at the beginning of my videos.

Even though it works like a dream, The modder inside me want to hack the hell out of my printer. So I choose to replace the extruder and hot end with a E3d titan and hotend.

I do run over other random stuff I made for the printer but you can always skip ahead. In the first video I showed off my spool holder that can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:508896

I built a wooden platform out of a desk I salvaged from a road side. I built it because the printer would wobble unless I created something to help stabilize the printer.

The materials I brought for my printer were:


In part 2: I set up the pancake motor. I had some difficulty soldering the wires but after some trial and error i got the right arrangement of wires to get the pancake motor working.

In part 3: ummmm lets just say the hotend I got from china didn’t work because of that darn teflon lining in the heat break. You guys can see em do  the initial set up in the video.

In part 4: I sup up the cloned E3d with an all metal heat break and a brass nozzle (i clogged the cloned nozzle in the earlier video). I quickly show my work and do a demo print of a pikachu with the titan and clone hotend set up.

In my final video i show off a sweet fan duct I found after deciding to stick with the gear head and ubis 13s set up. Also I sold my printer and decided to pre-order a robo-r2.


If you have any questions or comments please shoot them my way.

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