Quick Gaming Review: Resident Evil 7 9.0/10

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(Image taken from : https://unboxholics.com/news/gaming/21003-diathesimo-to-resident-evil-7-banned-footage-vol-2-dlc)

Just finished playing Resident Evil 7 and I’m going to give it a 9/10 for a horror survival genre game. Horror games are hard to get right, they can feel like a carnival ride with cheap jump scares but Resident Evil 7 gave a good amount of scares while maintaining a sense urgency and fearful atmosphere. There is less variety of monsters than other games but the fear you receive from the “Family” makes the game continually fresh.

It also helps to be constantly vigilant and observant though out the game inorder to progress through the levels. This isn’t a con as more of a pro since it adds to our immersion into the game. There is plenty to see and discover in the game.

Great game. . . nothing bad to say except the constant feel of dread kinda gets toned out as you play through the game. At the beginning of the game I was too afraid to open doors and peek around corners….. towards the end I started charging through them like a navy marine ready to give Maugarite a shot gun blow to the head.

Again… Great game!

Links below to the game

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – PlayStation 4

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