Got to play with my new camera at Central Valley Cosplay Gathering Winter 2017.

After school finals and immediately after a 5K underpants run (in 50 degree weather) I got the opportunity to play with my A7R2 and Batis 85mm  f/1.8 lens and I am going to admit…… I am in love.

The camera creates creamy bokeh and beautifully sharp images. I set everything on manual and the photos were taken at 41 megapixels. The pictures are huge and I am afraid they might fill up my data storage before a slug can say “BOKEH” 4 times fast.

I can not wait till the next convention! I believe I will be going to Wizardworld  Sacramento Link: in June 16-18

Here is a link to my Album: Central Valley Cosplay Gathering Winter 2017

Thanks for reading and thank you for the support.

I need to get back to work on my arduino projects.

“Until next time, sweet dreams, my little camera.”

[Insert image of me tucking in my camera in its crib here]

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