What am I doing with my life? Monthly Report and Summary

Here is just a list of things I am working on. Hopefully I can get all of these projects done to share with you guys.


Still waiting for my Robo R2 and Glowforge. These two products have been delayed multiple times by the company. And I have several things queued up for printing.

image from their webpage: https://robo3d.com/robor2/


Image form their website: https://glowforge.com

Female Alarak 3D model

  • Still working on this guy. I am still research how armor is made and how most people wear it.
  • modifying the design to be wearable by all
  • and working on making printer friendly.
  • working on a youtube video to share my progress

Tali’s Mask

Blue tooth controlled motors

  • Using one motor to control a slide rail for photography and crap
    • can never find a rail so I just ordered a new one on amazon. they’re pretty expensive
  • tested a motor H bridge and it works! working on the code to add a BT module
  • found an old RC car that is BT controlled. I am going try and see if I can use that too.
  • So far I have 6 motors and 3 bluetooth controllable modules. hmmm MAybe I can build something to automate my room!
  • Possible projects:
    • a table turner
    • door closer
    • Shirt putter on – er
    • I will most likely create something stupid and useless and make a video about it.

My Diablo 3 Armor

Image may contain: shoes

  • yea….. I am currently working on the mask….. lets just say I am making more progress.
  • I think by the end of march I will start painting my armor
  • Also I am running out of worbla!


  • Got to play with my A7R2 camera for the first time and loved it
  • I am also currently working on another photo to photoshop. I am kinda thinking doing something surreal but the cosplayer is dressed up as bat girl. I’ll figure something out I guess.
  • currently looking for cosplayers in the Sacramento Area to do photoshoots with.
  • Shoot me an email @ pandariot779@gmail.com

Thanks for reading. If you enjoy my work please shoot me a follow!


and I need to make more better posts. . . . I feel like I’m not putting much effort in my posts and need to put more time in making more satisfactory posts.

soooo from now on, not more crappy posts

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