Month: March 2017

The Walking Dead New Frontier

I played the Walking Dead: New Frontier by TellTale Games Episode 3 and I am going to say I like it. Characters are still being developed and there are zombies.

The next game I will be playing is Little NightMares and Dawn of War 3.



Maker Making Tools Youtube Video. I should start making my own.


Hey Punished Props made a video of one of my favorite tools. Maybe I should start making videos of my favorite tools for cosplay making and maker making. Yes I am going to coin the term, “Maker Making”


I used the extremely accurate 123 blocks to measure and weigh down my drafts and prop work all the time. it comes quite in handy.

Made my Own Body-kun/Body-Chan for testing

For experimental purposes, I measured a Body-Kun and test printed it for 3d modeling purposes. My guess Is I can make 3d printable armor pieces and test them on body-kun then scale them up human size.  So far I got a pretty good scale print of body-kun which proves I can use the model to make

I got a pretty good scale print of body-kun which proves I can use the model to make armor to fit her.  The print was in 10 percent infill and I used an iron to melt off the supports… that is why it looks odd. Without that taken into consideration, It looks pretty good and it makes a good reference in my 3d modeling programs also the armor pieces can be scaled up to life sizes and as long as you are 5-6 feet tall you’ll fit into the armor no problem.

I am getting pretty excited cause I been wanting to do this sort of thing ever since I saw Felicia Day’s 3d printed armor designed by Mellisa Ng. This is just a step towards creating my first design and showing it off to you guys. Hopefully sometime in the near future I can print these designs for real people…. but for now, I will stick to creating them for body-kun…. cause I am poor….

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Currently working on Tali’s helmet, female Alarak, and a howling banshee. Once I finish my first set of armor I will make one of them youtube videos that are not crappy like the rest of my videos.

Again thanks for reading, bye.

Took some Photos at a Cosplay Meet up, and lets Blog a little about some issues that bother me a little.

Yup met some mighty awesome cosplayers at Nor-Cal’s Gathering and here is a link to the photos.

Some Read if You care stuff: About stuff I see at cons


Sometimes at conventions I get somewhat annoyed when I see people left out based on their appearance. It especially ticks me when someone talks about others in rude ways. I remember a photographer once told me he only charges money to cosplayers who do not look good and I also remember hearing people verbally make fun of some cosplayer’s image. This is extremely insensitive and hurtful to the person and I hope you are bothered as much as I am.

I do not think body shaming is good for any community, you would be the worst jerk if you made fun of weak and fat people at the gym. It is equivalent to healthy people making fun of wheel chairs in a hospital. Maybe a bad metaphor, but you get what I am trying to say, being a dick is not cool. It creates a negative aura when cosplayers are given less positive and more negative attention….. even the lack of attention could be taken as a negative.

unfortunately,  I have to admit,

I myself have a bias towards who I take photos of. I look for cosplayers who grab my attention, they may have intricate looking designs or look kawaii enough for me to come up and ask if I can take a few photos. At the same time, I ignore those who do not stand out. I see this as a problem cause it shows I am being picky and leaving a number of cosplayers out which may be offensive if people knew this.  Also it does not agree with what made me continue doing cosplay photography.  When I began posting people’s photos online, I got comments about how my photos boost their confidence and made them feel good about themselves. This made me feel great, cause what I did was somewhat influential in a good way.

But after noticing I am being selective with my photos, I believe I need to be more conscious when I go out to events for photos also be more aware of who I ask. It annoys me when I see people alone….. maybe my photography can change this, maybe… Just hope I continue with my original objective or else I will be annoyed with myself.

Yeah…. sum things up, I act dismissive and I know it would suck if someone dissed me or brushed me off.

900mm Camera Slider Remixed from Adafuit’s 500 mm one.

I remixed Adafruit’s models to use a 900 mm rail instead of dinky short 500 mm one.

I plan on using this camera slider to recode videos of my 3d printed models.

Link to my Remix:

Link to AdaFruit’s Version:

Links to Amazon products:

900 mm Rail 

AA battery case

Adafruit BlueFruit SPI

Motor Shield for Arduino

608ZZ 8x22x7 ball Bearings

Arduino Uno R3

5 metters of 6mm GT2 Timing belt

Assembly Instructions can be found on AdaFruit’s Website:

Make sure you tighten the belt and some grease around the pulley and along the rails

Code is still in progress:

I am writing my code to move to the center of the rail then slide off after a full revolution of my turn table.


Fusion 360 warm up: League of Legends Leona’s shield DxF files.

Hey I made some DxF files today to laser cut Leona’s shield! you can download it here


I used a shield image I found on google as a reference. I also made a very rudimentary model of her shield but don’t plan on making a model unless enough people like this post.


3d modeling Practice – Hey! send me request for model ideas.

I got a student license to drive 3ds max and will be spending a few hours a week learning how to use it. I just finished creating and uploading one of kamui’s foot armor as a warm up and I am looking for more props to create.


If you have any ideas, please shoot them my way.

Follow up on Alarak Cosplay Progress.

Just doing a follow up on one of my projects…. as you can see… I still have a bunch of work to done on my model. If enjoy my work please follow me on my social media pages and consider following me on my patreon page. The more income I have, the more likely I will finish this project in a timely manner.

Thank you,

love, panda.