Received a Body Chan: broke it but it’s still good!


I got my body chan and I am planning on using it for some projects I have in mind. I will blog post those projects once I get to them.

The body chan from SH arts is not bad. I do have to complain that the stand kinda of sucks cause I broke it when I tried to install it. The mannequin itself has multiple joints to allow mobility but its head is limited to shaking its head “no” and there is little to no nodding of the head. Other joints have pretty good range of motion, the same motion you would see in normal art mannequins.

The articulations are enough for posing and I can see how this can help people with their drawings by providing a reference for shadows. It also comes with different props that the mannequin can hold.

Please check out the video where I open the box and play wiht it a little. I also accidently break it a few times.

Link to buy:

Amazon search for Body Chan

prices range from 20 – 50 dollars determine on shipping and model. I got mine for 15 dollars and there is a chance I bought a cheap knock off. If you guys know If the body chan from Bandai itself is better, please let me know.

-Update (3/2/2017), the product I brought was a knock off. apparently they are are made from different material. It works fine but doesn’t have the smooth articulation points the authentic body-chan has.

Link to my product:  cost 29.95 (I brought for 15 under new& used)

Link to authentic:  cost 58.68

Youtube Video:


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Thank you for watching and reading

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Thanks again!


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