Hey! did a short talk with CostumeAndPlay.com

Hey! I did a short interview with a group of cosplay enthusiast and event planners from across the pond. I made myself seem like a spaz but it was fun telling people how fun 3d printing and cosplay is.

Cosplay has recently taken the media and become more mainstream in today’s culture and it is evolving. It is also spreading and is still relatively new in today’s world. I am trying to be a part of that movement/evolution by using my knowledge of 3d printing and arduino hacking and demonstrating it to cosplayers in my area.

It is been my goal to bring more technology to the field of cosplay and influence cosplayers to use it more. It directly ups their game in the cosplay world and indirectly gets more people interested in electronics!

I like to tell people who have a budding interesting in the techy side of cosplay and are too intimidated to start, “Just do it!” the best way to learn something is to jump in head first and make mistakes. I self taught myself 3d printing, modeling, and coding and my first 3d printer was something I made from scraps I found.

Here is a link to their website where you can see their hard work blogging about the cosplay community. Here is a link to the interview ; it is a twitch recording called Costume and Play Chit Chat. Watch as I make myself awkward and dork off on some tech stuff.


Thanks for reading, Bye

If you have any questions or requests shoot me a message.

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