Lasered some worbla and tested my turn table

Hey I asked a friend to save her armor pattern so I can testing my laser cutting worbla idea and I gotta say it came out great. And also test out my table turner I built.

I asked my friend to send me photos of her patterns and used photoshop to trace her pattern:

I then transfered the trace on to the laser cutter and got this.

The pieces came out great but putting them together was tough. I actually ruined my mannequin by melting the worbla on to the mannequin on accident. Aso I need to shrink my hands to make the armor. it was tough attaching the tiny worbla pieces together.

And finally test the table turner. Here is a link to a video test of my model on the table turner.

special thanks to :

for letting test out my idea with her In Progress Cosplay. 

Having a laser cutter is great! if you have many tedious pieces in your cosplay play, you should consider contacting a maker space in your city to laser cut the pieces for you. normally it would take me an hour to cut those tiny pieces but the laser cuts it out in lets than a minute.

If you have any questions please shoot me an e-mail.

If you enjoy my work and want to support me shoot me a follow. I do plan on using my table turner to show off more cosplays and 3d prints.

I need to order a new mannequin…. dang it….

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