PandaRiot779 Finished AX 2017

Welp I got home a day before school starts and now need to study for the NCLEX. Here is a link to the Albums:

Anime Expo 2017 Photos

I am trying something new…. I hope it is easy to find your photo

Basically, I tried to sort the photos best I could into chunks and tried my best to make it organised ….. yeah….. organised. . . I also added people’s Instagram tag under links so people can just ctrl+f their name. Hope that makes sense, I really suck at remembering names and faces. Especially when you all change your faces with some other cosplay each day.

Do me a favour and use this link:





Shit you don’t care about


First time at AX. I had fun and it was enjoyable but I am not going to any cons above 30k attendees anymore. I’m not a fan of large crowds and it kinda ticked my anxiety meter. AX was like a really really really bad airport. Although I hate the crowds, it was great watching the pro-photographers do their work.  I got to watch them take photos and learn new things.

I left 2 days early from AX cause I have to go home and study…. But I got to take the train and spent 4 hours sitting next to some 6-to-10-or-something-year-old who helped me sort through the photos.

Sweet kid. …… he did half the work for me.

Next convention I am going to is Sacanime.


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