Gave CosplayHouse A Try

Yeah, I gave them a try and would say I’m not terribly impressed with their craftsmanship.  I like the quality of their sewing but when it comes to the armor pieces… I would give them a dislike.

Some attachment methods used in this cosplay were poorly developed and I will have to revamp them. (luckily I  have enough sewing skills to do this). The armor pieces are sub par compared to what I could have made myself. They look ok, but they don’t meet my standard.

some complaint I have are, They used a different reference image I provided without tell me. Which is ok I guess…. I was planning on creating the armor piece myself anyway. They also lowered the price of the costume a week after I ordered from them….

Would I recommend Honestly no… They are good at sewing and can provide you with a great base for a costume. But if you expect something intricate like armor…… good luck….

So now I have another projected added to my to-do list.

After I finish Zidane’s sword I will start 3d modeling and designing the metal Bender’s armor. Should only take me 2 days since the patterns are simple. Then after that I have the bone set from diablo 3…. Oh geee golly….

Image result for zidane sword

I also plan to stream myself designing things on twitch every Friday morning at

come join me and keep me working.

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