Went to Ohana’s I-80 Comic Con

Link to photo Album

I visited Sacramento’s I-80 Comic Con last week which is hosted by Turlock : https://www.facebook.com/TurlockComicCon/?fref=mentions .


The con itself is new and there is potential for the future. I didn’t hear of it until a few days before the event itself and wish they create a website to provide potential visitors information on what will be at the con. Before going to the hotel I had no idea what will be there and was concerned of a low turnout. However, the cosplay contest (hosted by https://www.norcalcosies.com/) had a great turnout for a small con.

While being there I noticed they are hosting multiple other cons in northern California before the end of the year. On their facebook page, I counted 4 other events before the end of the year.

I am curious to know how they will proceed. This Con was underwhelming compared to other cons due to its size, but I feel they can be a lot better if they research the areas they are hosting their future events for local cosplayers and vendors. Then invite the cosplayers so they can attract more people in that area to come.

-Panda out!


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