Focal Lengths and Aperature in Cosplay Photography

I have 2 prime lenses, a 25 mm and a 85 mm lens which both have different effects on your image. In this post, I would like to discuss how focal length and aperture can affect the look and feel of photos.

With the 25 mm wide angle lens, head shots can create neat shots but often is a bit awkward. I take all of my photos in manual and would think it be weird to stand 5 inchs from a person longer than 10 seconds.

with the 25 mm, you may notice the fisheye effect if you take close ups like this. The distortion can make the image interesting but in my opinion is unpleasing for portraits.

I would prefer using the 25mm for full body shots since I only require 3-6 feet. It is also more convenient if you are in the halls of the cons. Requiring less distance from subject decreases the chances of people interfering with the shot.

with the 85 mm I require more distance for a head shot but is more comfortable for me and the subject. At a distance of 4-6 feet I can take a sweet portrait without worrying about the fish eye effect. how ever there is a tunneling effect which creates a vignette effect in the photo.

You can take full body shots with the 85mm but it is not recommended when you are in the halls of a convention center. You require more space and con-goers will most likely walk in the way and interfere with the photo.

The 25mm and 85mm have different effects on the perspectives of the image. The 25 will make lines converge more while the 85mm will make them converge less. This also explains the effects of compression. If I were to frame the images the same with the different lenses, you would notice the 25mm causes the background to appear further than with the 85 mm. This is known as compression of an image.

Aperture can also affect the look of the image. High F-stops or small aperatures allows the field of focus to enlarge and keeps the entire image in focused. On the other hand, a lower F-stop (large aperature) will narrow the field of focus and blur out the background while keeping a subject in focus.

Bokeh and Sunstars: aperture also controls the appearance of bohkeh and sunstars. Large aperatures will create the creamy circles in the images while small aperatures will help create stars from bright objects in the image.

These are just tips for your photography and I hope this give you ideas for your next photoshoot.



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