PandaRiot779 Went to SacAnime Summer 2017

Aye! Just finished posting photos for SacAnime Summer 2017. here is a link to more links:

>>>>SacAnime Summer 2017 Album<<<<

(hmmmm…. in my opinion I let the exposure on too much….. meh I’m my own worst critique. Have fun with the photos :). )

I just started videography and this was the first con trying out my camera stabilizer and utilize my wide angle lens. I recorded around 30 people doing stuff and things. Hopefully, I can start editing soon and push out some fun short videos on Instagram.

Nursing school is also a gettin’ a tad crazy for me. . .  . I can only dedicate 1-2 hours a week editing videos and photos. It will take me some time to edit. a long time.

ALSO… I am ONLY attending local cons for a long while. School, work, and life are attaching me to Sacramento like an umbilical cord.  It’s best I focus becoming a cute nurse and put my career ahead of con going. I will, however, be open to doing private shoots with cosplayers in the area. Can email, DM, or comment me 🙂

Shit you don’t care about:

Instagram: @Pandariot779

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