Pandariot779’s First go at Cosplay Videography

Hey guys, at my last con I decided to get a camera stabilizer and start making cosplay videos. Here is my very first set of videos. I plan on making one montage after each convention and then focus on making shorter videos.

Some shorts I really like and others I do not like as much. Some I feel like is very bland or doesn’t really express the fun in cosplay.

I am kinda new to videography and I guess I have to start some where. I am hoping I will get better as I practice making more videos.

Some notes to help myself improve my videos

  • Pay attention to lighting…. In some of my videos I notice inconsistent lighting
  • Practice using the stabilizer more. I had to delete a lot of footage cause I was so shaky
  • Come up with fun scenes before asking a cosplayer. Lol I remember sitting around for an hour thinking what to do or how to videotape them
  • One of my challenges is choosing music. Its soo tough finding the right song to go along with a video

Thanks for reading/watching

sot me a message on my social media pages about my videos. and give me tips. 🙂



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