Solano and Norcal Cosplay Gathering

I visited two cosplay gathering this month.

I got to go to Solano Cosplay gathering, which is a small gathering in Alamo Creek Park in Vacaville. The park itself is sweet, has a few gardens to take photos and a dried creek photographers can venture into if they are brave enough. If this Gathering gets big enough they should consider going to Andrew Park, since it appears to be located in the art district and has plenty more scenic backgrounds. Due to its size, I only snagged a hand full of photos.

I also went to Norcal’s gather located in Fremont. I was not able to take as many photos as I want due to it being rainy. But within the 3-hour duration of sunlight, I was able to shoot around 200 photos. Elizabeth Lake is a great place to take photos, there is the lake itself, a large park, a dried creek, and plenty of other areas to take neat photos.

200 photos are still a lot of photos and took me about an hour and a half to sort through and only post-process and post around 55 of the photos. Its quite hard work, but I enjoy it 🙂 it is a pleasure making people look pretty using my expensive equipment.  You know… using all of the fancy equipment as a hobby to take and return photos while working a job, doing clinicals, and studying to become a level 5 kawaii nurse. ha ha

Recently, I decided to do a thing with my patreon and hope it works. I hope it works by getting more people to follow my patreon and help appreciate my work. Starting soon, I will post albums publically a month after an event and allow early access to people who pledge 1 dollar. Hell yeah, that is a dollar to help fund my education and shows me that people appreciate the time I spend on the photos.

I also allow cosplayers who have patrons accounts to have an album with my page if they are interested. Cosplay Albums Is a project I am working on where I make a page with links to their social media for the cosplayer and upload photos I took of them. Check it out and let me know what you think. I hope it helps promote people’s pages.

Alight- cool – since I am just starting this ploy, ahem …, here are links to the photos without having to be my patron.

Solano Cosplay Gathering Album:

Norcal Cosplay Gathering Album:


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