What Does It Take To Get Into Cosplay Photography!?

before i got a DSLR camera i used a windows phone.

Otaku Gamer Zone

There comes a day where we being to realize that we either take great pictures or are interested in taking pictures of others in cosplay. It is a section of the anime world that we visit on an annual basis and it is one that can open a door of endless possibilities. It can also be quite intimidating taking pictures for strangers as you begin to tango with quality and expectations. Besides the stress of approaching and making sure quality is present, what do you even use to take those pictures? Do you use your phone, DSLR, point and shoot or polaroid? Really anything you have is better than nothing. Considering most smartphones have superb cameras these days you are better off using what you already have on you. If you are looking for much more flexibility and depth then a Point and shoot or DSLR will work best…

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