PandaRiot779 photography is going to Sacanime Winter 2018

Aye! I am making plans to go to Sacanime winter 2018 for all 3 days. I will be bringing my camera and setting up photo shoots. I also have access to Sacanimes Photo-op room and a student 5-10 minutes away from the convention center.

You can learn more about photo session here: Pandariot779’s Sacanime 2018 winter Event Page

I normally only limit myself to 200 photos a day, so photo reservations are 20 dollars per hour. I also do not release photos to the public until a month later unless you are one of my patreons.

I also will be hiding more 3d printed pokemon around the con again. There will not be as many as last time since not a lot of people donated money for it.

If you would like to help please donate at my patreon or my paypal:

Thank you



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