Sac Gamer Expo – Photo Spots at Scotish Rite Center

On December 10, 2017 I decided to visit Sac Gamer Expo to see what it was about and see what it had to offer. This blog I will share photos and give my impression of the con and share locations where you can shoot photos at the Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento.


The Showing was held at the Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento across the street from California State University – Sacramento. The event offered special guests, panels, and a video game museum. People who are gamers have the chance to speak to game developers, youtubers, and 2 cosplay guest. You can see the list of guests here.

I arrive at the con early and it is a fairly small con. I estimate a maximum of 150-200 (actual 800-1000, wow I suck) people attended this convention. The hour before the one day con started there was a line waiting ready to enjoy the exhibition. The only thing I was bummed about was the number of cosplayers who attended was very little. Too little for me to post an actual photo album. I guess the con is mainly focused on networking for people who want to work in the game industry, meet fellow gamers, and see youtubers in person.


Despite the lack of cosplayers, I still had fun getting the chance to play old games nearly lost due to time.


It is also a standard for any convention to have an artist alley.

I did not get the chance to meet the 2 cosplay guest (Ivy DoomKitty and Ami Yoshiko) but they were there, Yep they were! Alright…. I had one job and I failed to shoot them. Well, some reason Ivy wasn’t cosplaying and Ami was really busy being busy. So I have an excuse not to photo them.

I believe Sac Gamer Expo has a good thing going and we never know if it will grow as large as Sacanime or Sac-Con. Sac-Con was once at the Scottish Rite Center before moving to Sacramento’s convention center. Since I am mainly a cosplay photographer, There was not much I could do at the con except play old games and kick people’s butt in MTG. It was also fun watching people play games during the game’s tournament.  Also If you are an aspiring game developer you can have a chance to meet people who worked in popular games.

Photo Spots at the Scottish Rite Center

The convention has plenty of spaces to be creative for photos and if you were adventurous you can walk across the street to CSUS arboretum. Within the grounds of the con, there is the front area with multiple spots for interesting photos.


To the left of the con there is a chain of ferns for a pretty back drop.


Right outside the entrance, there is a field and a stairway for interesting photos.



Within the parking lot, there is a garden full of low hanging branches you can take photos at. There are also benches so you can take neat sitting poses.

Across the street from the con, there is a fire station and 2 churches you can invade to take more photos.



Around the back of the con, you can find the loading docks with multiple stairs and a ledge you can have subjects climb up upon. There is also a long fence for that urban shot.

Thanks for reading my blog post.

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.

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