PandaRiot779 visits Central Valley Con

On 12/17/2017 I got to visit Central Valley Con and from what I heard it was pretty busy last year but not as much this year. I will estimate 500-800 participants with enough notable guest from a variety of fandoms (List of Guest).

There was 4  cosplay guest (AlchemicCosplay, ashpashcosplay, FaceYourShears and momino_cosplay) who judged the cosplay contest. I failed to do my job again and did not take any photos of them. The costume contest has 4 monetary prizes, one for children and a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. You can learn more here. I felt the winners of the competition was appropriately determined. It was also quite cute watching the child winner steal the microphone and sing the audience songs.


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In terms of photography, there was plenty of space to take photos and minimal crowds to disrupt your shots. The locations I found were just outside the doors to the con (Modesto Centre Plaza) and gives a nice variety of backgrounds.


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I was not able to get as many photos as I wanted but here is a link to the albums.  Enjoy.


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