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I recently upgraded my plan with wordpress to allow unlimited storage for my photos. I can now upload photos without having to hyperlink albums to my google account. This will optimize my page and will allow me to return high-resolution photos.

If you did not know, I am quite a pixel peeper and love seeing images in high definition. It has been my goal for a while to have my patreon pay for my wordpress subscription and give myself the ability to share/return high definition photos back to cosplayers.

Look at the images above, it is sooo high in resolution it makes my eyes water. Its like ecstasy for my eyes!

Enough of my obsessing over my pixels….

I think my next goal should be about 50 dollars a month to help fund creating things to return back to conventions. I am not exactly sure what I want to do if I reach 50 dollars but I am thinking about actually using that money to invite cosplayers to conventions.

Or bring more fancy photo equipment to cons.

Or help build cosplays for local cosplayers.

Or help cosplayers make fancy prints of themselves…

Or …. Possibilities are endless and I am still figuring things out.

I am still developing my photography. In my opinion, I still have many things I can do and learn about photography. Each con I go to I am always experimenting with something new and it is sometimes exciting when I do something I did not expect. (I also think its silly when someone thinks I am a professional, but I am only a hobbyist. I am actually in college for nursing)

Right now I have enough money to run the website and 3d print Pokemon for every con I go to.

— Neat


I actually started taking photos 3 years ago with the intention to troll cosplayers. But now I am just having fun experimenting with photos

— Neat x2


Link to my patreon:


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