Ordered my own print from Society 6 and it is pretty swell. :)

I created this image with 72 DPI which is fine for websites but some detail will be lost in printing. From what I read and heard, it is recommended to upload photos at 300 DPI for photos. Which I will start doing from now on.

Abstract Lyrota

I use Society6 to share and allow people to buy prints of my photos. Cost is not that bad but is more expensive than if you would buy from a cosplayer on etsy. I ordered a 12×19 print for 19.99 dollars. 20180109_203629

Society6 delievers your package in a tube to protect it from wrinkles and uses DHL. I will save this tube 🙂 to carry posters from cons I go to :).  20180109_203704

The Print is also wrapped in butcher paper to help protect it.20180109_203915

Here is the Print and I would say it looks great. The only thing is it is missing details from the original image due to the resolution(DPI). (The hair is missing the white highlights). Also I think it would look a lot nicer if I get a matte finish. 20180109_20472320180109_204738

The print is now on my wall 🙂

Thanks for reading


I look forward to making my own designs for T-Shirts, Just for myself of course. 🙂


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