Cosplay Spotlight 1/11/18

Very nice photos by hipzomjoint. he does a lot of cosplay spotlight blog posts go forth and check him out.


Welcome to another batch of cosplay spotlight! Check out these Cosplayers via their names on all forms of social media and follow them to see more of their creations.

@slushiest_mj as Death Trooper


@emdavfro as Club Harley Quinn

Christopher Brown as Cyborg

@uselessmateriacos as Catwoman

RayDeForest as Classic Green Lantern

@asami_gate as Captain Marvel

@Spiidermom as Rogue

@Krystlestarrwars as Tigra

@chris_weyer_wolverine_double as Logan

@radmaxcosplay as Detective Valentine from Fallout

@knightmage1 as Martian Manhunter &  @superkaycecosplay as Miss Martian

@dtjaaaam as Mysterio

Unknown Cosplayer as Iron Spider-Man

@ebonywarriorstudios as Pacific Rim

@thatjaiguy_cosplays as Iron Man/Deadpool Mashup

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