Practiced using my new AD200 Godox Speedlite with my Puppy

I just got a speedlite and more specifically this one : Godox AD200

I did have trouble creating those band lines but is quickly remedied by lowering the shutter speed. Apparently too fast of a shutter speed causes this effect cause light and physics and what not.

Enjoy my photos? I decided to commit more time improving my photography skills. I spent some time practicing with my dog and believe there is much more I can do with my photography.

Once a month I will ask cosplayers and models within Sacramento to do shoots with me. If you are interested please shoot me an E-mail. You can be part of my blog and also help me develop my photo skills.



Also, you can follow me on my social media pages where I will announce when I am free for shoots. I will probably only bring one person with me per shoot.


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