Robo3d R2 and Buildtak Flexplate System


Its been a while since I made a video about my ROBO R2. After seeing the flex plate in use on the Prusa mk3 I decided my ROBO needs it.

You can order the Flex plate system here:

Set up is simple and easy, just need to recalibrate the printer.

In my honest opinion, I believe it is a must have but the 8 inch plate will have some problems with the IR sensor and I think the 8.66 inch will solve the issue. If you have the 8 inch and do not want the larger 8.66 inch you can always disable the auto bed leveling.

Adhesion on buildtak is great and I actually had to raise the Z-offset a little more to reduce the adhesion. The flex plate helps loads and cuts prints removal time dramatically.


Thanks for reading and watching.


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