PandaRiot779’s Sacanime Summer 2018 Photos are Up!

Hey, here is a link to all of the photos I took at Sacanime Summer 2018.

Sacanime Summer 2018 Photos


Alright! Unedited photos I took at Sacanime are posted and the albums themselves are password protected. I want to give rewards to donors by giving them early access and allow them to expedite the editing process (I allow donors to say “Hey, I want this particular photo to be edited). All photos posted are editable, and I will get to them when I do…. you can kick my butt into gear by donating.

Money goes to my schooling, maintaining my webpage, and maintaining my photo equipment.

SacSummer’s photos will be open to the public on the 2nd of October.

Thank you!

Also I will be streaming myself gaming, 3d modeling, or editing photos on my twitch every Friday at 10am pst. Here is a link :

Current project:

  • A flash adapter for my Godox AD200 speedlite\
PSSST!!! the pass word is [apples]

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