Asari [Mass Effect] Cosplay Cosplay by ING: @arizzelcosplay

@arizzelcosplay in her asari [Mass Effect] Cosplay

Link to Patreon:

Notes: An old set of photos from back when I was an experimenting on making personal cosplay albums of cosplayers I meet.  Also did one of my first compositions using Affinity photo:


The only thing I want to learn how to do is to manipulate the background through the glass. I think this composition would look loads better if it had a bar table and atmospheric light like it is in Purgatory.

I am also considering selling prints for the cosplayers I shoot. but I need to know people’s interest and have the cosplayer’s permission.

So let me know if you like any photo. I will try and get them on an Etsy page and probably only keep about 25% of each sale since 50% goes to the cosplayer. :/


– Sony a7R II 42.4MP Full-frame Mirrorless Camera

–  Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8 Lens

  • Affinity Photo

Comments and Suggestions are appreciated.


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