Steps to making Issac from CastleVania for Really Kinda Cheap and somewhat tacky – Pandariot779

My skills in creating costumes is dismal so YOLO


I made my own pattern using news paper but you could buy Simplicity:8235 pattern

and proximately 3 yards of black fabric: 10-15 dollars

and if sewing is not your forte, you can buy a Clergy Cassock for 48-60 dollars

BLESSUME Roman Cassock Robe Liturgical Vestments, Black, X-Large

You then can buy a linen red sash for 15 dollars

or do what I did and find a yard for 2 dollars at walmart.

For the leather bracers and vest I brought 2 yards of pleather for 18 dollars at walmart and foam sheets with adhesive, just plain foam .

For the whip I ordered a 12×24 inch leather square for 18 dollars and 3d printed several spikes. The blade was also 3d printed so I brought a roll of black pla for this project. I only used about 3 dollars worth of pla for this project.

3d models for this project can be found here:

TOTAL: 61 – 107 dollars to complete.


I first made a pattern using news paper:


Then did a whole lot of sewing. This was my first sewing project so I probably did a terrible job:


Then got started with the bracers by creating a foam base20181116_181657.jpg

added magnets and laminate it with pleather:


The vest was the same process as the bracers:


I also used foam for the details:


For the leather whip:

I just cut out its shape and 3d printed spikes for it



For safety purposes I made studs rather than spikes. Convention staff would probably kick me out if I carried weapon. Especcially one that could tear skin from your  self.

Finally for the blade I just 3d printed it:


Then putting everything together:


Now I am issac!


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