Hey… Yeah… Not ok, Let panda help.




“A Cosplayer having her Car set on fire at ALA” by a stalker


I wonder if convention staff will take complaints about suspicious activity/people more seriously. after this incident at ALA.

As a community people should be encouraged to be more vigilant and act on something. Do not have to confront the issue, but find a way to diffuse a situation before it gets worse. People are not likely to confront or report a person harassing them in fear of retaliation. My Suggestion would be….

If you are a bystander and you notice someone was being bothered.

Be creative and find good ways to deEscalate the situation.  Awkwardly put yourself in the middle of it. I once saw 2 girls being harassed by a dude trying to get their numbers. The girls obviously wanted to return to their rooms and felt uncomfortable. So I went up to the guy and asked if I could take photos of him… Distracted him… Girls left… Guy left alone… and I got a weird photo of him.

Same technique worked when I recognized a guy who was known for taking inappropriate photos and touching cosplayers. I saw the guy chatting to a provocatively clad teen… I asked the girl if she would like to have a shoot which interrupted the guy’s conversation. We left the guy and I told her/warned her who the guy was. I remembered later that day the guy was banned from the convention.

One more story where I was a master creep blocker would be when I just finished a shoot with a cosplayer. When we separated I saw 3 guys come out of a hotel outside of the convention area. They had nothing to do with the convention and seem very random. They walked over to my friend and started talking to her… asking her to follow them back to their room… and talked about her body. I walked over and made my presence known to the guys just in case something funny were to happen.

Basically moral of the story is…

Be active and vigilant.

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