PandaRiot779 Visit Wizard World Sacramento

Yo! I postponed studying for my Final next Wednesday to visit Wizard World and snap some photos.

Some dude came up to from behind and asked if I was PandaRiot779…. “Yes, I am but I am busy using the Urinal.”

——————–Note to people who know who I am…. I have a huge bubble when I am in the bathroom…. and it stays pretty big when I recently leave a bathroom…  Some kid hugged me from behind after I left the bathroom and scared the hell out me. . . . I elbowed her in the face… sorry ————————- I didn’t take a photo.

Got to walk past Kate Beckinsale…. All I wanted was a high five from her but a quick shot of MaidofMight in her Selene Cosplay was good enough.

Here’s a Link to all the photos I took.

Link to PandaRiots Wizard World Sacramento 2017 Album:


I used an 85mm lens and it is tough for me to take full body shots since everyone was concentrated on the show floor and I require at least 4-6 feet to take a good shot. I was only limited to portrait shots.

Thank you for visiting. I am starting a Print Store with Cosplayers I work with. Follow my Instagram as I slowly populate my store.


New Cosplay Album on my page. please regard Sinastri

Although I only got to meet her very briefly, I was able to take a few sweet photos of Sinastri Cosplay. She is quite the lovely cosplayer and you if get a chance please take a moment to appreciate her previous work and support her by buying her prints at:


Can see the photos I’ve took of this talented cosplayer here:


Link to Pandariot779’s Photos of Sinastri Cosplay

Fanime is Over Here’s your phtos

Half way through uploading the photos I ran out of storage on my website and needed an alternative method of returning photos. So I decided to seperate/sort the photos om a way that helps cosplayers find themselves. The photos are divided into groups and numbers so I can easily direct cosplayers to their pictures. Might be a little confusing cause I had to use Google Photos mid way through uploading and I’m too lazy to make things consistent.

Alright click this Link: Fanime 2017

The first few groups are organized under whomever gave me their cards. Then into genres, and finally into cosplays I do not recognise. There are images of every cosplayer in each group and under each set of pictures is a link to the google album. (click your Instagram name)


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Thanks, Hope to see you guys at Anime Expo. :3

Booking PhotoShoots for Fanime 2017

Yo whats up! I’ll be at Fanime for a lot longer than I originally planned. Will be roaming the halls for photoshoots after I settle in with some friends and I am booking shoots!

You can book a shoot with online here:


Click on link

click on 1 hour photo sessions

then click on see times

and finally

choose a time I am available.

enter your cosplay Info and contact method

Please give me a few moments to accept and them we are set!

I do not charge money but I do accept donations up to 20 dollars. thanks

From Concept to Prototype – Marie’s Mjolnir From Soul Eater

This is one of my projects I am working on. Someone asked if I could create Marie’s Mjolnir and I said “yep, I probably could.”

To start out, I used fusion 360 to model the hammer. Then I 3d printed it to scale for my bodychan so i can show it to my client via video or photo. the body chan gives them a good reference of the object to the human body.

I am still waiting for my client to give me any suggestions before I actually start designing the life size hammer. I will probably use plywood and the laser cutter to make the hammer cause I want it to be cost effective, high quality, and light weight.

Thanks for reading

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Thanks again! enjoy some dorky 3d prints.


I am also thinking about using my laser cutter to make wallets and pursure. of course they will be geeky and pop culture influenced.


Thanks… bye


3D Prints Showreel #2


Baby Groot:
I left my wood burning tool on him while I was going to the bathroom. melted his head off on accident

Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer: Can be found in Facebook group #D Printed Props. Model created by Nathan Light

His model was meant for cosplay and is lifesized. I decided to scaled it down 1/4 of its original for fun.

Lugia Pokemon:

beautiful model but requires lots of supports.

Kawaii Octopus:

Very fun Print and very printer friendly.

sand or Melt, his hair would have taken ages to clean up

Let me know what I should print next.

Took some Photos at a Cosplay Meet up, and lets Blog a little about some issues that bother me a little.

Yup met some mighty awesome cosplayers at Nor-Cal’s Gathering and here is a link to the photos.

Some Read if You care stuff: About stuff I see at cons


Sometimes at conventions I get somewhat annoyed when I see people left out based on their appearance. It especially ticks me when someone talks about others in rude ways. I remember a photographer once told me he only charges money to cosplayers who do not look good and I also remember hearing people verbally make fun of some cosplayer’s image. This is extremely insensitive and hurtful to the person and I hope you are bothered as much as I am.

I do not think body shaming is good for any community, you would be the worst jerk if you made fun of weak and fat people at the gym. It is equivalent to healthy people making fun of wheel chairs in a hospital. Maybe a bad metaphor, but you get what I am trying to say, being a dick is not cool. It creates a negative aura when cosplayers are given less positive and more negative attention….. even the lack of attention could be taken as a negative.

unfortunately,  I have to admit,

I myself have a bias towards who I take photos of. I look for cosplayers who grab my attention, they may have intricate looking designs or look kawaii enough for me to come up and ask if I can take a few photos. At the same time, I ignore those who do not stand out. I see this as a problem cause it shows I am being picky and leaving a number of cosplayers out which may be offensive if people knew this.  Also it does not agree with what made me continue doing cosplay photography.  When I began posting people’s photos online, I got comments about how my photos boost their confidence and made them feel good about themselves. This made me feel great, cause what I did was somewhat influential in a good way.

But after noticing I am being selective with my photos, I believe I need to be more conscious when I go out to events for photos also be more aware of who I ask. It annoys me when I see people alone….. maybe my photography can change this, maybe… Just hope I continue with my original objective or else I will be annoyed with myself.

Yeah…. sum things up, I act dismissive and I know it would suck if someone dissed me or brushed me off.

900mm Camera Slider Remixed from Adafuit’s 500 mm one.

I remixed Adafruit’s models to use a 900 mm rail instead of dinky short 500 mm one.

I plan on using this camera slider to recode videos of my 3d printed models.

Link to my Remix:

Link to AdaFruit’s Version:

Links to Amazon products:

900 mm Rail 

AA battery case

Adafruit BlueFruit SPI

Motor Shield for Arduino

608ZZ 8x22x7 ball Bearings

Arduino Uno R3

5 metters of 6mm GT2 Timing belt

Assembly Instructions can be found on AdaFruit’s Website:

Make sure you tighten the belt and some grease around the pulley and along the rails

Code is still in progress:

I am writing my code to move to the center of the rail then slide off after a full revolution of my turn table.


Ektrix Cosplay


I like cosplayers who pull off their characters well or have intricate or interesting cosplays. and also being photogenic is a plus…
Meet Ektrix, she has been cosplaying since 2013 and knew she want to take up the challenge since her first convention. Her aspiration includes improving her cosplays and eventually make it more than a hobby by running an etsy.
You can meet her on her facebook page or support her on her patron.

PandaRiot779’s Patreon

What am I doing with my life? Monthly Report and Summary

Here is just a list of things I am working on. Hopefully I can get all of these projects done to share with you guys.


Still waiting for my Robo R2 and Glowforge. These two products have been delayed multiple times by the company. And I have several things queued up for printing.

image from their webpage:


Image form their website:

Female Alarak 3D model

  • Still working on this guy. I am still research how armor is made and how most people wear it.
  • modifying the design to be wearable by all
  • and working on making printer friendly.
  • working on a youtube video to share my progress

Tali’s Mask

Blue tooth controlled motors

  • Using one motor to control a slide rail for photography and crap
    • can never find a rail so I just ordered a new one on amazon. they’re pretty expensive
  • tested a motor H bridge and it works! working on the code to add a BT module
  • found an old RC car that is BT controlled. I am going try and see if I can use that too.
  • So far I have 6 motors and 3 bluetooth controllable modules. hmmm MAybe I can build something to automate my room!
  • Possible projects:
    • a table turner
    • door closer
    • Shirt putter on – er
    • I will most likely create something stupid and useless and make a video about it.

My Diablo 3 Armor

Image may contain: shoes

  • yea….. I am currently working on the mask….. lets just say I am making more progress.
  • I think by the end of march I will start painting my armor
  • Also I am running out of worbla!


  • Got to play with my A7R2 camera for the first time and loved it
  • I am also currently working on another photo to photoshop. I am kinda thinking doing something surreal but the cosplayer is dressed up as bat girl. I’ll figure something out I guess.
  • currently looking for cosplayers in the Sacramento Area to do photoshoots with.
  • Shoot me an email @

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and I need to make more better posts. . . . I feel like I’m not putting much effort in my posts and need to put more time in making more satisfactory posts.

soooo from now on, not more crappy posts