SacAnime Winter 2019 Photos

Thank you SacAnime for another joyous time and thank you to all the cosplayers who allowed me to take a few shots of them

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Day 1 Part 1

@yumeparii @phantompheonix @iltuoassassino

Day 1 Part 2

@yepitspeaches @nikkipardee @awesomelyari @kgirlonfire @novembercosplay #bunchofotherdisneycharacters

Day 2 Part 1

@Little_sappling @Couchplaykonnor @venusflylove @slothwaifu @sparkle.stache

Day 2 Part 2


Day 3 Part 1

@Hannah Reverie @sparkle.stache @yepitspeaches @discecttheworld

Day 3 Part 2