Mass Effect Tali’s Helmet

I Plan on Creating Tali’s Helmet. Here are some more links:

Introducing my Tali’s Mask from Mass Effect Project. Prototype voice reactive led light

I introduce my project here and also show you the components of the mouth piece. It is sound reactive and you can also find the arduino code.

3/05/2016 – I start using fusion 360 to design her mask!

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update : 3/9/2017

Tali’s mouth piece V1

Just finished drawing up the prototype of Tali’s mass from mass effect. please let me know if you have any suggestions. I did notice that the on/off switch is blocked and I will try and resolve that issue on V2 of Tali’s mask! will test it once I get my new 3d printer.



Link to 3d files:

Link to Adafruit Flora Code:

HardWare List:

NeoPixel v2 – 4 pack
FLORA – Wearable electronic platform
Electret Microphone Amplifier
150mAh 3.7V Li-Poly Battery

Youtube Video Demoing and showing my work:


Wiring is pretty easy:


Out: connects to #9

Ground: connects to Ground

VCC: connects to 3.3 V


Positive:  connects to VBatt

Negative: connects to GND

Data: connects to #6

3D Print Assembly:

Pretty self-explanatory… saying this cause I accidentally deleted my photos assembling the project… Doh!

but I will explain to you via video

Notes on Improving this project:

If i were to remake this I would probably redesign it in a way to have the hardware build on the sides of the voice box rather than in it so it conforms better to the face and not limit people to having a 1.5 inch voice box under their chin.

I would update the code to make it have a fading effect rather than just shine brighter the louder you are.


this project is discontinued, I will no longer work on it. Maybe until after I finally finish my own cosplay. >.<